Pillow Top For Mattress Add On – How Nolah Compares

With the growing popularity of Nolah mattress, we felt it would be a good idea to offer the customer a take a look at how it compares to other popular bed in a box brand names. Pillow Top For Mattress Add On

In this evaluation, you will see the similarities and differences with the Nolah mattress, when it is stacked up against Casper bed mattress, Purple mattress and Layla Sleep bed mattress.


Nolah Vs. Casper

Key Similarities

  • Both are all-foam mattresses that are 10 inches thick.
  • Both use cooling services and need to be fairly breathable.
  • Both use a proprietary foam for comfort.
    Similar cost variety. ($ 550-$ 1,150 for Casper, $549-$ 1,069 for Nolah).
  • Both offer free shipping and generous sleep trials.


Key Differences

  • Nolah is softer than the Casper by an obvious quantity.
  • Nolah has 3 foam layers, while Casper has 4.
  • Nolah has a thicker support layer.
  • Casper has a transition layer between its two top comfort layers and its base layer.
  • Casper has a layer of memory foam for included pressure relief and body contouring.
  • Nolah provides a longer trial duration of 120 days, compared to Casper’s 100 days.


Construction Differences

I anticipate the sturdiness of the bed mattress to be about equivalent, however I would maybe provide Nolah the minor edge.
Nolah has a softer top layer with more offer, and is softer general than Casper.
Casper has a transition layer on top of a thinner base layer.
Both bed mattress need to be breathable and sleep cool throughout the night.
Casper will have more bounce than the Nolah. Pillow Top For Mattress Add On


Firmness Differences

Casper is a little firmer than average, but you can push into it about as much as you can the Nolah if you put adequate pressure. However Casper bounce back faster and forcefully. Enjoy the videos below to see the resemblances and differences illustrated. In general, I would state the Nolah is softer than the Casper.


Motion Transfer Differences

Both soak up pressure well, meaning they do not quickly transfer motion. That makes each a great choice for couples. Nolah has a little an edge here, however, due to the fact that it sinks so much that it does not actually move movement at all. If you bounce around enough on the Casper, the person next to you will feel it a bit.


Pick Nolah If:

        • You are a side sleeper- Nolah’s softness make it terrific at absorbing pressure so you can sleep comfortably on your side.
        • You like sinking into your bed mattress – Nolah has a quicksand-feel to it, implying is has a great deal of give, so you’ll sleep “in” it more than “on” it.


Choose Casper If: Pillow Top For Mattress Add On

  • You are a stomach or back sleeper – Casper’s firmness and zoned support construction make it a good choice for people who sleep on their stomach or back.
  • You choose recognized companies – Casper has weathered an excellent quantity of press attention and upgraded its flagship bed mattress a few times.


Nolah Vs. Purple

Key Similarities

  • They both have proprietary comfort layers that eliminate pressure specifically well.
  • They are both great alternatives for hot sleepers who desire a breathable bed mattress.
  • They have similar base and transition layers that are quite standard for all-foam bed mattress available online.


Key Differences

  • They incorporate very various materials in their top layers and as a result have different feels.
  • The Purple will be firmer than the Nolah for most of sleepers.
  • The Nolah has a balanced foam feel, and the Purple has a special responsive, squishy gel feel.
  • The Nolah is cheaper than the Purple, however both are particularly good values.


Purple Construction

It is 9.5″ high and features three gel and foam layers.
The cover is soft and thin and also doesn’t impact the feel of the bed mattress considerably.
The first layer is 2″ of a Purple Smart Convenience Grid, which is a hyper-elastic polymer with a squishy feeling.
Next, there are 3.5″ of a Plush Comfort Foam that serves as a buffer in between the gel convenience layer and the base layer.
The base layer is 4″ of polyfoam, which is also quite standard for a base layer in an all-foam mattress.


Motion Transfer

Between these two mattresses, I thought the Nolah carried out better at isolating movement, and throughout the tests, I saw less motion transfer on this mattress.

I think this is because of the AirFoam in Nolah’s leading layer. It resembles memory foam, which typically does a fine task of dealing with motion transfer. Pillow Top For Mattress Add On


Who Should Choose Nolah:

  • Individuals who want a softer bed mattress- I felt this was the softer of the two mattresses, so if someone has actually had success with softer bed mattress or needs more pressure relief, the Nolah is a good bet.
  • Side sleepers- If someone sleeps mainly on their side, the Nolah should give much better pressure relief. Individuals will sink into the bed mattress a bit and feel that pressure melt away.
  • Those who are lighter or typical weight- The Nolah will be best if someone is not too heavy. Much heavier people may push through the soft layers and feel the firmer layers beneath. If somebody is lighter, nevertheless, they ought to get a good balanced foam feel along with good pressure relief.


Who Should Choose Purple:

  • Those who choose a firmer bed mattress- For me, the Purple was the firmer of the two mattresses. If somebody likes a firmer bed mattress or requires a bit more support, the Purple is the way to go.
  • Combination sleepers- Because of its proprietary gel grid, Purple is a good match for several sleeping positions. If somebody moves around and changes positions at night, the Purple is a great option.
  • Heavier sleepers-The gel grid is a great match for bigger individuals because it collapses without people bottoming out. If someone is on the much heavier side, they may find this mattress to be more comfy as they trigger this gel grid more than lighter individuals may.


Nolah Vs Layla

Key Similarities

  • Both are all-foam bed mattress with about the very same thickness (Nolah is 10″, Layla is 10.5″).
  • Comparable cost range ($ 499-$ 999 for Layla, $549-$ 1,069 for Nolah).
  • Both have free shipping and offer a 4 month or 120 day trial.


Key Differences

  • Nolah has a more responsive sleeping surface.
  • Nolah uses an exclusive foam that alleviates pressure well but doesn’t trap heat. Layla utilizes copper-infused memory foam, which can help in cooling.
  • Nolah is temperature neutral and does not warm up over night the method memory foam can.
  • Layla is flippable, with a softer side and a firmer side, so you can provide the bed mattress a 2nd possibility if the first side does not work for you.
    Nolah is softer than the softer side of the Layla mattress in my viewpoint.


Construction Differences

I believe the resilience of the mattresses will be about equivalent, with Nolah possibly having an edge because of its higher-density comfort layers.
Nolah’s foam reacts faster to pressure, while Layla has more of a sinking into the bed mattress sensation.
Nolah is more temperature neutral, although Layla does an excellent job of addressing the problem of sleeping hot with its building and construction. The copper might also play a role in heat decrease for the Layla.
Since Layla is flippable, you get more alternatives for firmness and a better chance of getting that ideal firmness level.


Pick Nolah If:

    • You’re a side sleeper who wants a little additional softness – I believe the Nolah is softer than the Soft side of the Layla. The proprietary foam is great at easing pressure, making it a fantastic choice for side sleepers.
    • You want a mattress that is more temperature level neutral – The leading layer of the Nolah is temperature neutral, so you won’t have any issues with sleeping hot.


Pick Layla If:

  • You’re uncertain what firmness is right for you – The two sides of the bed mattress provide you an additional chance at getting the best firmness for you. Pillow Top For Mattress Add On
  • You’ve had success with memory foam before – The Layla has a timeless memory foam feel. If you know you like memory foam, then you’ll be right at home with the Layla.


Our Conclusion

The Nolah mattress is an alluring mix of soft and company. Since it’s made without the heat-trapping viscoelastic chemicals utilized in Memory Foam, Nolah sleeps cooler, supplies much better pressure relief and is far more long lasting than even the best Memory Foam and Latex mattresses.


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